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Summer at Put-In-Bay

Summer at Put-In-Bay

Have you ever been itching to go on an adventure, but time and finances convince you to cancel your plans and just stay at home?

Well what if I could tell you that just a short drive away is an island full of hidden caves with gems, private beaches, trails to explore, and endless miles of paths to go biking, running, or just a walk with a loved one? Does it sound like a fantasy land to you yet? It kind of is. This magical place that I am talking about is Put-In-Bay.

Located just past Sandusky, Ohio, it is only 2 hours away. Once you get there, you get to take a 30-minute ferry ride to the island which you can take as a pedestrian, with your car, or with your bike. The tickets are inexpensive and definitely worth the additional fee to take a mode of transportation with you.

Although the island is not that large across, walking it all would take quite a bit of time. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and start planning your trip. In this article we will go over activities that you can do, the expenses of the trip, when to go, and how to have a great time.

What time of the year should you plan on going to Put-In-Bay (PIB)? Because this island is in the middle of Lake Erie, it can be rather windy in early spring or early fall. Prime time for Put-In-Bay is from late spring through late summer.

Of course, this is the height of the season, but PIB is never too overcrowded and you can always find a place to get away from the crowds as well. You can stay at campgrounds and cabins that are family friendly. It would be wise to book these in advance if you plan on visiting during the summer to ensure that you have a reservation on hold.

One place that I would recommend looking at is AirBnB. Not all of these rentals will be directly on the island, but a little bit of time spent searching and you can find incredible locations with great deals and rates. For example, some of the cottages will give you one night’s stay free if you book for at least 7 days at an average rate of about $70 a night. At this reduced rate you are saving a huge amount of money compared to staying in a hotel or resort. On the island itself there are also adorable bed and breakfasts that you can rent out for a romantic getaway or with the entire family in one of the larger on-suites.

Why decide to go to PIB? What are some of the activities that you can do? PIB is the perfect getaway because it has access to beaches, woods, open trails, and large green spaces.

So, beyond bringing frisbees, soccer balls, and a baseball and mitt, you can go on cave tours, visit some of the local wineries, have dinner on the beach, pack a picnic, go for a bike ride, go shopping in the center district, or have a night out on the town. With countless opportunities for fun and adventure, it is time to book the trip right now!

The best way to enjoy PIB is to map out what you plan to do before heading out there. The reason for this is so that you can be totally prepared and have brought everything onto the island the first time rather than having to take multiple trips on the ferry to grab things that you may have forgotten.

A trip to PIB can be for just the day where you bring your bike, a packed picnic, and your bathing suit as you travel around the wineries and enjoy the abundancy of the caves. Or you can be there for an entire week with family and friends enjoying barbecues, late night campfires, long days on the beach, and searching for natural geological processes in the many nature preserves on the island.

No matter how you want to experience PIB, it is worth the trip because the reward is absolute joy and happiness as you are able to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones without having to worry too much about having an itinerary or the financial burden of a vacation.

Instead you can feel transported to a place that is completely different than your traditional summer days to have an adventure that will last you a lifetime of memories

Summer at Put-In-Bay

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