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The Treehouses at Owl Hollow: Where Your Luxury Adventure Begins

A rustic yet elegant treehouse sits above the edge of a creek.

Discover your elegant rustic getaway.

In the heart of Monroe County, Ohio, a unique retreat awaits those seeking an escape from the mundane. The Treehouses at Owl Hollow, set in the scenic Appalachian Mountains, merge the rustic allure of the wilderness with the comforts of modern living. Here, amidst the towering trees and the gentle flow of Sunfish Creek, you’ll find a sanctuary that promises both adventure and tranquility. 

The Inspiration Behind the Treehouses at Owl Hollow

The creation of The Treehouses at Owl Hollow stems from a lifelong passion for tree climbing and the childhood memory of a treehouse built by the owner’s father. 

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been climbing trees and even have five broken ribs to show for it… My father built me a treehouse in a large white oak when I was a child, and I have always been enamored with the concept of treehouses—Casey Bott (Owner of The Treehouses at Owl Hollow)

This childhood enchantment, coupled with a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty, led to the development of this unique lodging business. 

“Life doesn’t get much better than being a grown man building a treehouse in the woods.”—C.Bott

The journey involved meticulous research, inspiration from Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Masters, and a quest for the perfect location, culminating in creating two exquisite treehouses: The Royal Roost and The Owl’s Perch.

The Treehouses: A Blend of Comfort and Wilderness

The Royal Roost is a four-person treehouse, and The Owl’s Perch is a cozy retreat for couples. Both are designed for comfort and scenic beauty. They feature Wi-Fi, AC/heating, electric fireplaces, and kitchenettes. This ensures a blend of rustic charm and modern convenience. Guests can relax on decks, sway in hammocks, or gather around the fire pit. All this while being surrounded by nature’s tranquil sounds.

An inside view of the treehouses at Owl Hollow featuring the wall with three windows whose panes are adorned with intricate carbed tree branches.

An Expanding World of Adventure

With possible plans for a third treehouse rental and an array of outdoor activities, The Treehouses at Owl Hollow will become a destination in themselves. The spring of 2024 will see the introduction of hiking, guided experiences, creekin’ adventures, and much more. 

A Symphony of Nature’s Best

At Owl Hollow, every sense is awakened. The flowing waters, the crisp morning air, and the chorus of birds create an immersive natural retreat. The treehouses’ design allows you to fully experience the outdoors, whether you lounge in a hammock or enjoy a meal on the deck.

Gastronomic Delights in the Wilderness at Owl Hollow Treehouses

Adding a unique flair to the Owl Hollow experience is the option for private, chef-prepared dinners. The owner, a chef, can arrange gourmet meals in the treehouses’ tranquil setting. This culinary experience combines flavors with nature’s serenity. This service is at an additional cost.

Monroe County: A Treasure Trove of Natural Wonders

The Treehouses at Owl Hollow are a gateway to the diverse attractions of Monroe County. The nearby Piatt Park Cave and Gorge Area, in addition to Raven Rocks, offer exciting opportunities for exploration. 

Monroe County, Ohio, is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. It’s home to beautiful places like Piatt Park and Kiedaisch Point. Waterfalls and recess caves offer incredible views. The Monroe Lake Wildlife Area and Wayne National Forest are perfect for adventure. With hidden spots like Lamping Homestead and Ring Mill, they are ideal for exploring.

A serene lake reflecting the tree foliage and the deep blue sky

Piatt Park, covering 119 acres, is a highlight with its fantastic hiking trails through recess caves and gorges. The old forest in this park has waterfalls and abundant wildlife. Even though it’s so beautiful, Piatt Park is relatively quiet, making it an excellent spot for a peaceful day outdoors.

Dragonfly Lake: An Off-Grid Escape

For adventurous souls, Dragonfly Lake, another outdoor retreat by the Botts, presents an off-grid experience. This 20-acre area with a lake and two cabins is perfect for those looking to disconnect and immerse themselves in the wilderness. It offers a different pace and style of adventure, catering to those who love a more rustic and raw connection with nature.

A Call to Adventure

The Treehouses at Owl Hollow offer more than just lodging. They are an opportunity to engage with the tranquility and beauty of rural Appalachia. Whether a quiet retreat in a treehouse rental, a hike through enchanting landscapes, or a culinary delight in the wilderness, this unique destination promises a rejuvenating and thrilling experience.

For those yearning for a path less traveled, The Treehouses at Owl Hollow in Monroe County, Ohio, offers the perfect blend. Adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty ensure your wonderful stay. Book your stay today and enter a world where the wilderness whispers and adventure.

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