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A Flavorful Journey through Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries in Wayne County

A winter’s chill blankets Wayne County, Ohio, a distinctive warmth fills the air. This isn’t solely from the embrace of heaters or the glow of fireplaces but from a community brought together by a shared appreciation of local flavors. Locals and visitors alike journey through the county’s wineries, breweries, and distilleries. 

The journey starts at Silver Run Winery, with landscapes delicately frosted and interiors filled with the rich aroma of fermented grapes. Managed by a dedicated husband-wife team, Silver Run is a testament to the richness of the county. Visitors are not merely guests; they are part of a story, immersed in local history and traditions, experiencing a place where every drop of wine reflects home. 

Not far away, Bent Ladder Cider & Wine is known for its rustic charm and flavorful drinks, including various wines and eight distinct ciders from special apples and grapes. In 2021, they launched the Heritage Series to highlight the natural flavors of their apples. The warm spiced cider, snowy orchard views, and take-home options make every visit memorable. 

In the heart of Wooster, JAFB Brewery is a sanctuary for beer lovers, offering 14 rotating beers on tap inspired by diverse brewing traditions. The laughter and clinking of glasses resonate through the brick walls, capturing the vibrant winter spirit. 

Situated in the historic icehouse in downtown Wooster, the Minglewood Distilling Company echoes the legacy of its namesake, The Minglewood Coal and Ice Company. A father-and-son duo has transformed this space into a modern distillery, reviving Wayne County’s Rye Whisky tradition and crafting quality spirits.  

A visit to Lincoln Way Vineyards reveals a unique winter charm, creating wines that capture the essence of the season. With every sip and burst of laughter, the motto “Find Your Wine Time” comes to life, infusing the air with a spirited winter vibe.

Amongst the rolling hills, Troutman Vineyards & Winery welcomes guests to find solace in the tranquility of winter. The combination of crisp air and exquisite wines creates a sensory symphony enhanced by the warmth of the fireplace. 

Finding your winter spirit In Wayne County is more than an invitation. It’s a flavorful journey marked by warmth and community. For more information, visit

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