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Allegheny National Forest: Where Traditions Meet Tastes and Winter Adventures

Kinzua Skywalk in the Allegheny National Forest

In the scenic Allegheny National Forest, a variety of taste experiences await. Here, traditions meet innovations, offering a mix of crafted spirits, flavorful wines, and winter activities. Allegheny is the ideal place for heartwarming adventures. 

Each bottle from Wilds Sonshine Factory (WSF) in Kane, PA, is a tribute to the region’s natural beauty and heritage. Committed to the “Seed-to-Still” philosophy, WSF strives to create unique spirits using local grain. Every sip echoes the genuine spirit of the locale. 

If wine is more your speed, Flickerwood Wine Cellars merges family traditions with a high standard of customer commitment. Boasting over 20 wine varieties, they truly offer a wine that ROCKS. Plus, come February, anticipate the release of their unique “Love Wine,” sprinkled with edible glitter, perfect for romantic occasions. 

Don’t miss out on their Valentine’s Day offerings, like the delightful dinner on February 9 ($22 per person plus tax and gratuity). To reserve your Valentine’s Dinner Date spot, call 814-837-7566 and choose from 5 or 7 p.m. Or sign up for the interactive game night, “How Well Do You Really Know Your Significant Other,” on February 16. The cost is $10 per couple. 

Bradford Brew Station, a crew brewery and restaurant, tips its hat to the local oil heritage. The excitement of striking black gold, this establishment is a hit among locals and visitors. Enjoy a selection of 14 craft brews and soak in the oil industry artifacts. Witness the brewing magic right from your dinner seat. 

CJ Spirits, the pioneering craft distillery in northwestern PA, offers spirits crafted with fresh local ingredients and “Allegheny Mountain” spring water. They proudly feature the unique Leek Vodka, a one-of-a-kind in the USA. 

Allegheny National Forest is full of winter activities. From hiking, cross-country skiing, bonfires, music, and more, there is something for everyone to get in the winter spirit. For a complete list of event details, times, locations, and costs, visit the Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau at

This season, immerse yourself in the Allegheny experience and forge memories that will last a lifetime. Whether sipping a handcrafted spirit, toasting with a glass of flittering wine, or embracing the winter festivities, there is no place quite like Allegheny National Forest to warm the heart and soul. 

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