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The Beauty and Thrill of New River Gorge Shines in Winter’s Glow

A snowy cabin in the New River Gorge

The New River Gorge in West Virginia (WV), known for its fierceness, slows down during winter. It meanders lazily, occasionally interrupted by frozen patches that twinkle under the winter sun. Surrounding this river, the snow drapes across the branches, bending gracefully under the weight, creating arches of white against the stark winter sky. The iconic New River Gorge Bridge stands tall against the pale winter sky. 

While the picturesque landscape is enough to leave any visitor in awe, the gorge is not just a sight but a playground for winter enthusiasts. Put on your warm layers and head out for some fun.

Hiking the New River Gorge in Winter 

The park offers over 25 trails, with options for all skill levels. Start at the visitor center, where you will find photographs and exhibits that bring the gorge’s rich past to life. Outside, the center’s deck offers a breathtaking panorama of the iconic bridge and valley below. For a closer view, the Canyon Rim Boardwalk leads to observation decks, perfect for savoring the frosty beauty of the season.

Other favorite spots are The Fayetteville Trail and the Bridge Trail. Both offer stunning views of frozen creeks, snow-covered hills, and wildlife.

Winterplace Provides Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowtubing

Less than an hour from the New River Gorge in Ghent, WV, is Winterplace Ski Resort. The resort offers 9 lifts, 27 trails, night skiing, and snow tubing. Spanning over 90 acres, the skiable terrain caters to all skill levels. It’s an ideal spot for novices to start their skiing journey and for seasoned skiers to hone their skills or enjoy moments with loved ones.

Heaven Holler, formerly known as Highland Run, offers a unique trail accessible by its dedicated Chairlift 1. This dynamic park caters to every age and skill, from beginners to pros. 

For those who don’t ski, the snow tube park provides the ideal slope, reminiscent of childhood dreams, complete with thrilling bumps and dips. The best part is the Super Carpet Lifts (think of a conveyor belt you walk onto) taking you back to the top of the hill. Snow tubes are provided, but you bring the laughs. 

As the evening draws near, the need for warmth calls. The region is full of cabins and lodges that promise comfort. Sitting by a roaring fireplace, sipping on a glass of wine to warm you up, and reminiscing about the day’s adventures become the highlight of the evening. 

The New River Gorge in the winter celebrates nature’s stillness and beauty, punctuated by moments of thrill and adventure. For more information on lodging, events, trails, and more, visit and begin your next winter getaway. 

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